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Syndication API

Wow, I haven't written anything for 6 months. Actually I had been quite busy(?) on several things (namely founding MIAU). In Mono land I had been working on 2.0 API completion those days.

Anyways. At the end of Mono Summit last month, Miguel sorta asked me to hack Syndication API in .NET 3.5, which will be likely part of Silverlight 2.0. So, after some terrible experience in trip back to home (I have lost my buggage on my returning flight, and I had some bad stomachache for more than a week ...), I have started working on it (while I'm having sparse work days and a lot of off days this month). And now, System.ServiceModel.Syndication is almost done.

(... no, you don't have to waste your precious time on learning WCF. You can use the Syndication API almost independently.)