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cyber crime / axml:id

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Lately I was researching about trademarks (many Mono hackers know well about what I am talking here). Sadly, it was much deeper than I have expected. Trademarks are just like a tip on an iceberg. So I got contact with Japanese police and told all the facts I got. I want to believe they can handle the case nicely.

Japanese police is nervous on phishing websites. It was not by chance that I found that, since I was researching about trademarks and the system of Japanese trademark (law and the operation of it) is somewhat related to how to acquire phishable(?) domains legally. It's a bit interesting to learn about those buggy legal systems. Maybe I had better start creating patches to fix those bugs, but the bugs are somewhat complicated.

As the first stage, if any of you guys have received such mails from Japanese saying that you should buy the domains and/or trademarks, or you cannot make business advance into Japan, you can get contact with me. I would help your research on whether he or she really have such valid trademarks or not, though you should really ask Japanese lawyers if I said that the applicant does not or cannot own it. Sometimes Japanese agents are idiots so that they cannot even make appropriate research that I can make.

I noticed that xml:id Proposed Recommendation is out. I found that it states that xml:id is incompatible with Canonical XML in Appendices C.

Lately I rarely touch XML stuff so I had few ideas, but it came up to mind that if xml:id were assigned another namespace URI than http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace, the problem would go away. But anyways now that we have exc-c14n, it's a tiny problem.

Also, I don't think .NET developers should worry about that. When someone implemented xml:id and noticed that it is incompatible with Canonical XML, then he or she would ask Microsoft to change their implementation not to mess it, like Microsoft developers lately had to make changes about validation on xml:* attributes. The problem and the solution are so easy. They would welcome such pollusion if it benefits them.