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Another NVDL implementation

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Lately Makoto Murata told me that another NVDL implementation appeared. I am extraordinary pleased. Before that there was only my NVDL implementation, which means that NVDL has not been worthy of the name of a "standard".

It is also awesome that this implementation is written in Java, which means that it has different fields of users. Now I wonder, when will C implementation be there? :-)

BTW Makoto Murata also gave me his NVDL tests which is in preparation and I ended up to make several updates on my implementation. Some tests makes me feel something like "uh? Is NVDL such a specification?" i.e. I had some misunderstanding on the specification. With it I could also update a few parts to the FDIS specification (I wrote my implementation when it was FCD). As far as I know the tests will be released under a certain open source license (unlike BumbleBee XQuery test collection).