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Recently I got to know CCHits, a digg-like music ranking website specialized to which are available in Creative Commons license (as a normal ex law student I am a big fan of CC). This is what I really wanted to see or build. Since I just moved to my new room and am without fast connection I cannot practically use it right now, but I really want to try it asap. Music is one of the things that I dream to be free, like cooking recipe where no rights lie and there are still improvements. There is a lot of boring commercial songs that are still used just to make some sounds in shops and waste money.

Now what lacks there is the ranking counts. I'd like to see at least hundreds of votes. When I'm ready, I'd start from listening high-rated songs and add more hits to make this website grown up enough like digg.

There are some great search engines to help finding CC musics: Yahoo! and Google. I love those search engines, not because they are innovative, but because they recognizes how freedom represented as CC is important. There are some other search engines which are rather interested in their own "innovation", but is not something that I am interested.

It also reminded me of what Microsoft people said about Google Spreadsheets. I think such argument that "Google Spreadsheets is not innovative because it is what google acquired" is really ignorable. That made me feel that Microsoft altitude is 10 years behind Google. I am rather interested in the company principle behind (say) Google Book Search.