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Kind of back

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Looks like six months have passed since my last entry. I was not dead at least literally. Lately my interest has been on some legal stuff (especially criminal law) which is of course in Japanese context. Anyways ...

So, I have been working on WCF implementation now. The Olive plan was announced back in October, but the work was started much earlier, like in Autumn 2005. Though as you would guess, it has been flaky - I haven't chosen WCF over helping Winforms last spring, or over ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services last winter (and it's still ongoing).

BasicHttpBinding was already working last spring, and ClientBase was working last summer. Ankit had been working on WSDL support and ASP.NET .svc handler, until we decided some work reassignment during the Mono Meeting days in October. (He is now working on MonoDevelop - am so envious! ;-) MonoDevelop hacking is a lot of joy than WS-* sack.)

After making ClientBase working, my primary task in this area has been to get WS-Security (SecurityBindingElement) working. WS-Security and WS-SecurityPolicy are nightmare. There is a lot of work in this area. I dug several security classes in depth to make my sample code simpler, simpler and simpler. Now I have very primitive pair of service and client. And after several bugfixes primarily in System.ServiceModel.dll and System.Security.dll, finally I got my WS-Security enabled message successfully consumed by WCF :-)

Probably none of you would understand why I am so excited about it since the code still is not practically working yet, but I am happy right now. I would need a lot more words to explain why, and I doubt it is worthy :|