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olive XLinq updates

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During Japanese holiday week (aka Golden Week), I made significant updates to our XLinq stuff (System.Xml.Linq.dll) in "olive" tree. It has been about 1 year and half since the first checkin, and except for some cosmetic changes it had been kept as is.

It still lacks couple of things such as xsd support and XStreamingElement, but hopefully it became somewhat functional. And from the public API surface by corcompare it is largely done.

Miguel and Marek has been adding some of C# 3.0 support to the compiler, and I heard that there was another hacker who implemented some type inference (var) stuff, so at some stage we will see Linq to XML in action (either in reality or in test tube).

Other than that I did almost nothing this holiday week, except for spending time on junk talk with Lingr fellows. The worst concern about lingr (which is agreed among us, including one of the four lingr dev. people) is lowering productivity due to too much fun talking with them, especially when it is combined with twitter, which is somehow becoming bigger in Japan ...

Speaking of twitter, I was asked some mono questions (mostly about bugs) by a Japanese hacker and ended up to know that he wrote TwitterIrcGateway and was trying to run it with mono. It is a WinForms application (for task tray control) which requires some soon-to-be-released v1.2.4 features but it just worked out of the box on my machine. It is so useful.