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This blog was moved. Well, only literally, and the same contents still appear, as long as it is blog text. The rental hosting server I used to use, stepserver.jp, had a critical accident that all files entirely vanished. This is the worst shutdown for me and hence let me decide move to other place.

The firefox add-ons that cause performance down

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Today I attended to Firefox devcon Summer 2007 Tokyo. There was more than 150 attendees, which was pretty big for such a conference for an application. I heard that even meetings in Mountain View were not like this. Japanese mozilla community certainly seems to be big.

It is nothing to do with the conference above, but this anonymous guy showed an interesting analysis on which Firefox add-ons cause performance down, with three test pages (6 level tables, 7 level tables and JS-CPU bench). It is written in Japanese so most of you wouldn't be able to read it, but the culprit add-ons can be seen as listed in a table in the middle of the page (the table without "ok"). The biggest one was AdBlock Plus. His add-on adjustments resulted in about 4x perf. boost:

  • disable Firebug
  • replace Linkification with Text Link
  • replace IETab with IEView
  • replace Google Toolbar with Googlebar Lite
  • replace noScript with McAfeeSiteAdvisor or manually configure Javascript
  • disable Greasemonkey unless you actually use it. Stylish works more efficiently than AdBlock or user scripts.

According to this guy, (I'm not sure if it is true but) it seems that IPv6 support is said a bad boy, but it is not true. Interesting.