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the Mono meeting in Tokyo

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We have finished the latest Mono meeting in Tokyo targetting Japanese, with Alex Schonfeld of popjisyo.com. (we call it "the first meeting" in Japanese but as you know we used to have some non-Japanese ones.)

At the time we announced it [1] [2] I personally expected 5 or 6 people at best so that we can make somewhat in-depth discussion about Mono, depending on the attendees. What happened was pretty different. We ended up to welcome 16 external attendees (including akiramei), so we rented the entire room in the bar and mostly spent time from our presentations and Q & A between them and me. We were so surprised that such tiny pair of announcements were read by so many people.

It was a big fun - there was an academic guy who writes his own C#/VB compilers referencing mcs/gmcs. There was a guy who wants to know some details about JIT. I also met a person who was trying my NVDL validator. There was a number of people who are interested in running their applications under Mono (well, Alex has also long been interested in ASP.NET 2.0 support). Many guys were interested in how Mono is used in production land. There were also many guys claiming that Mono needs easiler debugging environment. Some people are interested in how Mono is ready for commercial support.

As usual I have some regressions on the progress but the meeting went so well. It is very likely that we plan another Japanese Mono meeting.