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Lame solution, better solution

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During my in-camera vacation work, I ended up to fix some annoying bugs in Commons.Xml.Relaxng.dll. Well, they were not that annoying. I just needed to revisit section 4.* and 7.* of the specification. Thanks to my own God, I was pretty productive yesterday to dispose most of them. After r54882 in our svn, the implementation became pretty better. Now I have 13 out of 373 testcases from James Clark's test suite. Half of them are XLink URI matter and most of the remaining bits are related to empty list processing (<list><empty></list>, which usually is not likely to happen).

Speaking of Commons.Xml.Relaxng.dll, I updated my (oh yeah here I can use "the" instead of "my" for now) NVDL implementation to match the latest Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). The specification looks fairly stable and there were little changes.

MURATA Makoto explains how you can avoid silly processor-dependent technology (not) to validate xml:*, such as System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaValidationFlags. Oh, well you don't have to worry about that there is no validator for Java - someone in rng-users ML wrote that his group is going to implement one. It would be even nicer if someone provide another implementation for libxml (it won't make sense if I implement some).

I hope I have enough time to revisit this holiday project (yeah it is mostly done in my weekends and holidays) rather than wasting my time on other silly stuff.

Holy shit

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Wow, I haven't been blogged for a while. It just tells that I have done nothing that long. And am going to hibernate this year (having summer vacations next two weeks).

I wanted to get somewhat useful schema before writing some code for Monodoc. After getting lengthy xsd, I decided to write dtd2rng based on dtd2xsd (this silly design is because I cannot make Commons.Xml.Relaxng as System.Xml dependency) and got a smart boy. (Well, to just get converted grammar like this, you could use trang).

We are going to have Mono meeting in Tokyo next Monday. The details are not set yet, but if any of you are interested, please feel free to ask me the details. (it is likely to be just having dinner and drinking, heh).

Last month I went to Kyoto (Japan) with Dan (Mills, aka thunder) and found a nice holy shit:

holy shit

Unfortunately, I lost this religious treasure last week :-( I was pretty disappointed. It must be from I entered a Starbucks to I got on a train (I noticed that I lost it at that time). So I was wondering if I should ask those Starbucks partners like "didn't you guys see my shit here?" All my friends whom I asked for advice were saying I should do, so I ended up asking the partners.

"I might lost my cell accessory here."

"What colour was it?"

"Well, it was a golden cra..."

"Ok, please wait for a while"

... and then she went into staff room, and said there was no such one. After a few seconds of wondering if I should be more descriptive, but was reminded. Shame.