call for ASP.NET Routing samples

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As I wrote in my earlier post, I am working on System.Web.Routing which is new in .NET 3.5 SP1. The code is almost done, and I want to bring it into Mono 2.2 (as opposed to current planned version: 2.4), that is to be branched soon (next month). But I need some dogfooding to mark it as stable. If any of you have or know free sample resources that use this API, let me know.

As part of dogfooding, I am sort of working on System.Web.DynamicData API (some of you might have noticed that I also checked in some implementation), and looks like its use of Sys.Web.Routing is working (since it is okay for me if routing part is working so far, I haven't dug in depth). I'm not sure if I continue DynamicData hacking though (as it is leaving routing part anymore).

And yes, Linq to SQL / dblinq effort continues.

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